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For the past three blog posts I've talked of fan-fiction most looking on this blog have probably never heard of. Well, let me explain.
The idea started out of me starting a fan-fiction website from numerous ideas I had pertaining two of my favourite mass media series. Star Wars and Pokemon. In the middle of January 2012, I named two fan-fictions and posted the first parts on my Facebook wall. These two were Star Wars: Darth Maul and Pokemon: Shadow Boom. The former took a what-if, and started the story just after the pod race of The Phantom Menace. Qui-Gon was attacked during his trip back to fetch Anakin, and Obi-Wan rushed to help fight Darth Maul. I will say no more. But the events followed close by The Phantom Menace, and the end of the first episode ended with a twist on the film's ending. Pokemon: Shadow Boom was a more fleshed out idea. It started with Team Snagem, expanding their reach to the mainline regions, with Ash, Misty, and Brock hearing about this during a meet-up at Professor Oak's Laboratory, though they have no idea who the Team is, or what they are planning. The first episode ended with a showdown at the Ruins of Alph in Johto.
These two first episodes of both stories were then moved to blog hosting website - Weebly. Over the next month, another episode had been added to each. At the beginning of February, I decided to add an original story into the uploads. But also added was another fan-fiction. Me and a friend had started a crossover between Star Wars and Doctor Who, which was an audio series. I wrote the scripts, and designed most of the characters that appeared. And so I proposed the idea of adding to the audio series by starting a fan-fiction doing in depth between the episodes of the audio series, and my friend agreed. And so TV and Film Residential Camp and Doctor Who: The Star Wars Chronicles were added to the listings within the website.
The four stories then went through a month of regular uploads, with an episode or two being completed for each one by the beginning of March. By that time, Pokemon: Shadow Boom was getting ready to go on its extended break, with a doubled amount of parts for the forth episode. Twelve instead of six. Come the end of March, the other three were still being uploaded regularly. The next big thing to happen after that was the beginning of a new original creation - Zincite Storm Cup. This was a series about a racing driver competing in a tournament with hopes of winning, failing, and then working his way back up for the next one. It only lasted three episodes, from the beginning of May to the end of October [original creations use a ten part structure], as I felt there wasn't much that could really be done with that set-up.
Pokemon: Shadow Boom returned at the beginning of July, meaning five stories were now ongoing, and as such, uploads began faltering slightly. It didn't have much of an impact though, and Pokemon: Shadow Boom finsihed up fully in the middle of January 2013. Started just before that was something new. Another fan-fic, this one with the aim of merging all Animal Crossing games together. Called Animal Crossing: Time Origin, it didn't even finish its third episode.
This started a massive faltering of episodes, which took massive hold during the middle of the year to near the end, where next to no uploads even took place. During that time, the decision was made to pull TV and Film Residential Camp and begin converting it to an eBook. Also during that time, a new fan-fic was started in July. The Chameleon Chronicles, which saw only one post for an entire year, was based off a concept I had made for a Sonic Adventure 3. The side story focused on two chameleons who are tracking their sister, who was kidnapped by Eggman.
Semi-regular posts returned May of 2014, with regular posts returning July. That was the time when it was decided only two stories would continue. The Animal Crossing story had not seen a post since June of 2013, and even then there was little point in continuing it. Not much had even been done to it. While Star Wars: Darth Maul had been one of the strongest stories since it started, I had no idea where to take it next. I already had a basic footing of where The Chameleon Chronicles and Doctor Who: The Star Wars Chronicles were going, and so sorting them into a more in depth plot line wasn't much trouble. Going forward, these are the only two stories now progressing, until I can keep up with the regular uploads again.
The link to the website is at the top of the page, but I'll place it here at the bottom as well.

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